Looking back: One year ago today

Since this blog tends to focus on the passage of time, I always find it interesting to look back at what I was writing about a year ago.  Sometimes, it’s incredibly lame and boring.  Sometimes, it’s rather interesting.

Last year, at this time, Callie was just being diagnosed with her hyperactive thyroid.

In a few weeks, she will be turning 14 years old.  14?  14!  I got this cat when I was in high school.  How is it even possible that we’re both this old?

Is this how parents feel as they watch their kids age?  Like, you just can’t believe that you’re celebrating another birthday, because didn’t they just have a birthday a few months ago.  How is this even possible?  Surely, some supervillian has invented a time machine and is speeding everything up in his (or her, I’m not sexist here) bid to takeover the world.  That’s the only reasonable explanation for all of this.

But alas, no, it’s just the steady passage of time.  Days of our Lives was right.  It is like sand through an hour glass.

However, I am happy to report that a year later, Callie is living with hyperthyroidism just fine.

Pill time is now her favorite time of day thanks to Greenies.

I tried to snap some pictures of her, but as I was sitting on the floor she decided she would much rather use my foot to scratch her head.

I was finally able to get her to stand still long enough to get this picture taken very quickly.

I feel for parents of toddlers.  If it was this hard trying to get a picture of a 14 year old cat, I can’t imagine how impossible it is to get one of those little ping pong balls on speed.

After awhile though, she decided that all that attention was just too much, and she needed a nap.  Her fifth one of the day, I’m sure.

Don’t ever change, Callie.  Whatever you do, don’t ever change.