Leaving an impression

My Facebook friend list is filled with people from high school and my last few years of college, so I know what’s going on with pretty much all of those people.  However, I actually spent my first semester of college at a different university.  I’ve completely lost touch with people from this time of my life.  I actually don’t even remember their names, but I remember their personalities.

I think about the peppy girl a few doors down from me in the dorm.  She was so bubbly and full of life.  During the semester, we decided to drive hours away to see one of our favorite bands live in concert.  We shared all kinds of secrets during that long drive.  I wonder if she’s married?  Does she have any kids?

I remember the two roommates across the hall from my dorm room.  They were so opposite from each other.  One was very brooding.  The other was very upbeat.  I remember once commenting to the upbeat girl that I was surprised they got along so well because they were so opposite.  She replied, “I think that’s why we get along.”  I also remember she was the first one I heard say, “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”  I hope she shot for the moon.  I hope she didn’t miss.  I hope she has the moon, stars, and more right now.

I think back to the group I was placed in for my Intro to Communications class.  I think there were at least 4 or 5 of us, but I can only remember 2.  One girl was a bit of party animal.  I hope that didn’t come back to haunt her.  I also remember the guy who went through girlfriends like most people go through tissues.  I hope he finally found someone who makes him happy.

My mind will bounce around to all these people who are floating around in my past, and I wonder what happened to them.  Those thoughts then lead to another: is there anyone out there who wonders the same about me?  Did I make enough of an impression on someone’s life to have them think about me?