About Me

Hi! I’m Kristen! Welcome to my blog.

Why 31 million seconds? Because there are 31 million seconds in a year. Well, technically 31,536,000, but that doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily.

I was going through a time in my life when there were so many changes occurring, and so quickly too. I had met and started dating my husband, my father had been diagnosed and subsequently passed away from cancer, and I was living in a new state 1,000 miles away from everyone I knew.

I really wanted to use writing as a therapy to help me through the hard times, and I wanted to keep my friends and family connected to what was going on in my life.

I was marveling at how much things in your life can change in one second, let alone one year. That’s when the idea for my blog really started to come together. There are 31
million seconds in a year, which means there are 31 million opportunities for your life to change. My blog was born to document those changes.

A large part of my 31 million seconds is spent with my amazing husband, Andre, as we start our married life together.

This also includes getting ready for our first child together! We’re expecting him to show up at the end of June. Another good chunk of time is spent spoiling my two pets:

Pepi, the chihuahua also known as the Tiny Terrorist.

And Callie, the lazy cat.

Finally, the last bit of my time is spent wasting too much time on these sites:

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So, relax, look around, and let me know what changes are happening in your 31 million seconds.